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Traditional Vs. Modern Services for Funeral Home and Cremations in Richboro, PA

We are a family-owned and operated funeral home that specializes in funeral and cremation services in Richboro, PA, and surrounding areas. With over 60 years of experience in the funeral business, we have served many families who are very satisfied with our work. Campbell Funeral Homes will help you organize your thoughts into a remembrance that will help you get through the grieving process and finally lead to healing. Our talented and dedicated funeral staff are always available to assist and lend you a helping hand every step of the way. Call us today at (215) 322-5545 for all your funeral and cremation needs.



When it comes to planning end-of-life services connected to funeral and cremation in Richboro, PA, there is plenty of room for variation. The expert staff at Campbell and Thomas Funeral Home are well equipped to help you find the styles that will best serve your needs. Some people feel most comfortable with traditional service styles. Tradition can feel comforting with its familiarity. Traditions can bind us across generations in meaningful ways. Religious preferences are often steeped in traditions that can bring support to the grieved.


Traditional funeral services may include the presentation of the deceased (usually embalmed) for a funeral wake or visitation gathering. This affords those who knew the deceased an opportunity to pay their final respects and bring a sense of closure. It also provides a space for condolences to be expressed to the closest family and friends who will often receive attendees at this gathering. After the viewing event, the formal funeral service will be held. This meeting serves as a time to remember and celebrate the unique life of the one who has passed.


Modernized funeral services may build on the backbone of traditional funerals. The use of technology can make a traditional service feel complete. Incorporating favorite music, video slideshows, or other details are nice additions. Broadcasts of services via internet streaming can make the meeting accessible to geographically distant family and friends. Modern services can also refer to less traditional solutions for final disposition. Cremation has become an increasingly popular option for handling the remains in modern times.


Is it Possible to Have Both a Funeral and Cremation in Richboro, PA?

Cremation, the method of preparing deceased remains for final placement through intense heat, has become much more accessible in the last several decades. Add to that, the laws and rules that regulate these types of services offer a great deal of protection and peace of mind to consumers. Cremations can only be performed for one person at a time. There are rigorous protocols and steps that reputable companies take to ensure no mix-ups with the ashes. It is a respectful and sanitary way to care for your departed loved one’s remains.


Sometimes we encounter the myth that a funeral and cremation in Richboro, PA, can only be one or the other. However, this is not accurate. Funerals, even very traditional funerals, can be held prior to cremation services. If a full funeral service is desired along with cremation instead of casketed burial, look into this possible solution.


Memorial Services

Of course, a funeral doesn’t need to be the solution for an honoring service at all. Memorial services offer an excellent alternative. Because the decedent need not be present for the memorial service, it can be held many weeks or even months after a death occurs. This can allow some time for the shock of the loss to be alleviated. If scheduling a service immediately is difficult, look into having a memorial service at a later time.


Memorialization Can Be Very Personal

Taking steps to add unique details to honoring services can be very cathartic and promote a healing path for the bereaved. This can be done in numerous ways that are as unique as the individual that is being remembered. For example, photo collages can be displayed, or digitized slideshows can be included in the services. Specially selected music can be piped in the background of less formal portions of the service or be included as a specific part of the funeral program.


More permanent memorializing options can include planting a tree in your loved one’s name or having a customized monument or headstone installed at a cemetery or memorial park when the remains are situated. If cremated ashes are applicable, there are numerous ways that they can be laid to rest and memorialized.


The most important consideration is where will the bereaved go when they need to feel close to this departed individual? As important dates roll around the calendar or as part of the grieving process, there are many benefits to having a place to visit. Doing so is widely believed to help you work through the myriad emotions that are part of your unique journey through loss.


Other Grief Support Resources

Our work in the funeral and cremation profession deals very specifically with caring for the final arrangements of the dead. We also recognize that the scope of our support is most keenly felt by those left behind. We seek to connect the families who come through our door with resources and tools to help them find their healing path.


Get in Touch

As you begin the process of planning for any services surrounding funerals and cremations in Richboro, PA, we invite you to reach out to Campbell and Thomas Funeral Home. Our caring and competent staff stands ready to assist with any questions and guide your process through this tender time. You can call (215) 322-5545 for immediate assistance.


Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

Is a funeral director a mortician?

Morticians and undertakers are terms used to describe funeral directors. They provide well-organized and attentive services in the preparation of the deceased, as well as comfort to the bereaved loved ones. Know more about funeral directors.


What is veteran’s funeral?

Military funeral honors are available to veterans, and families can arrange the ceremony through the funeral home. Two or more uniformed military personnel conduct the ceremony, which includes the folding and presentation of a flag as well as the playing of Taps. Learn more.


Can you have a funeral and then be cremated?

You have the option of having the body cremated shortly after death (say, a week or fewer) and then planning the funeral later. This means that the cremated remains can be present during the funeral, which can take place as soon as a week after death or as late as six months or even a year after death. It's entirely up to you. Learn more about funeral and cremation services.

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