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Campbell Funeral Homes provides high-quality funeral and cremation services to the communities in Southampton, PA, and nearby areas. We are a family-owned and operated funeral home since 1951 and our length of service can vouch for the standard of service we provide. We are patient and understanding, and take the time to listen to you and your specific needs. We offer advice and suggestions so that you can make the greatest decisions possible in commemorating the one you've lost. We are here to assist you in planning a loving and thoughtful memorial, regardless of the type of service. Call us today at (215) 322-5545.



There is a lot of room for customization when designing services for funeral home and cremations in Southampton, PA. The expert staff at Campbell Funeral Homes have three generations of family-centered influence. Traditional funeral services can bring comfort with their familiarity and structure. Standard services can link the generations of families and offer great support at a time of loss.


Full-scale traditional funerals generally include a viewing (or funeral wake) to allow the surviving family and friends an opportunity to pay their final respects to the deceased. It also creates a space for those who are touched by this death to support and comfort one another. Once the viewing is completed, the formal funeral service will be held shortly.


One purpose of funerals is to reflect on the life and memory of the one who has died. The widespread consensus within the grief support community points to the benefits of having this type of honoring service in one way or another. Having a space to remember and reflect on the departed's life can bring a sense of closure and acceptance which can be difficult to attain otherwise.


More modern funerals and end-of-life arrangements can build off of the format of traditional services. However, it can be uniquely customized with multimedia presentations, live streaming, music, and nuanced details to make the service unique. Cremation is a professional service that has grown in popularity over the last several decades and is considered a modern death care solution.


Can Funeral Home and Cremations in Southampton, PA, be Combined?

In a word, yes! Funerals and cremations pair together quite nicely. The funeral should be held first since funerals have the deceased individual lying in repose for the service. If cremation is handled first, then a traditional funeral will not be possible. Caskets can be rented --they typically have a new, fresh liner and are thoroughly sanitized if this is to be done. Since the casket won't actually be needed for burial, this is a great option. After the funeral services are complete, the remains will be taken to the crematory for the cremation process.


Cremation is a straightforward method for preparing the remains for final placement through controlled burning in a secure furnace chamber. Each deceased is cremated individually in a respectable and legal manner. Many precautions are taken to ensure that human error and mixups of the cremated remains do not occur. The final disposition can be in a variety of settings when cremation has been performed. Rest assured that both funeral home and cremations in Southampton, PA, can seamlessly be handled for the same individual if you desire it.


Is a Memorial the Right Solution?

Memorials are a fantastic option, especially if immediate burial or cremation are wanted for the final disposition arrangements. As memorial services do not require the deceased remains to be in attendance, the scheduling of the service can be arranged without this consideration. There are numerous reasons this might fit your individual circumstances. A memorial can be every bit as supportive to the bereaved as a funeral service. Please discuss with our dedicated directors what will make the most sense for your situation.


Finding Ways to Memorialize the Departed

There are many ways that we can help you design services with unique details that can honor your loved one. Video slideshows and displays can be used to support whatever services you choose. These can be shared with loved ones after the services are over. Even years from now, these will be treasured mementos.


Plantings, custom grave markers, or monuments can serve as permanent memorials that can be visited when you need to feel close to your loved one who passed away. This can be extremely valuable for those who are anywhere along the grieving pathway. It is essential to consider this need when planning where the final disposition will occur since that is often a natural location for memorialization to take place.


Support for the Bereaved

As grieving is an individual journey, no one can say what your experience will be. However, taking the journey without the support of good resources and tools need not happen. The caring staff at Campbell Funeral Homes is well trained to help put these valuable local and digital resources into your hands. No one but you can say what will help you the most. With love and compassion, we seek to offer comfort and direction for your healing path.


Connect With Us

As you commence with the arrangements for funeral home and cremations in Southampton, PA, connect with the funerary experts at Campbell Funeral Homes. There are multitude of ways we can help to ease your burden in this difficult time. Our promise to keep the focus where it matters is genuine. Please call today to get started on the planning process.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

How do you cope with the loss of a loved one?

  • Recognize your suffering.
  • Recognize that sorrow can elicit a wide range of feelings, some of which are unexpected.
  • Recognize that your grief process will be one-of-a-kind.
  • Seek out people who care about you for face-to-face assistance.
  • Take care of yourself physically to support your emotional well-being.
  • Get help with grief support groups.


Who calls the funeral home?

A medical examiner or coroner from the county may be summoned. If you haven't already done so, you might consider calling your local funeral director, as the body will need to be removed by them or an authorized agency. Learn more.


What is funeral etiquette?

For those of you who are attending a funeral or memorial service, the best advice that I can offer is to be respectful, courteous, and generous. Remembering just how much your presence as simply someone there for support means could go a long way in making people feel comforted during this difficult time. Know more about funeral etiquette.

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