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Three Generations

In all of our lives, there are moments that take our breath away. Thankfully most are joyous, but some are filled with the desperation and sorrow of great loss. Three generations of the Campbell Family are here to carry you through the difficult initial hours and subsequent days following the moment you hear that someone you love has passed away. During this time, knowing that there is someone with experience to guide and nurture you brings a much needed sense of calm.

For most of us, loss through death is an unfamiliar and confusing emotion. We at Campbell Funeral Homes assist you in putting your thoughts in order to create a memory that will help you through the mourning process, eventually leading to healing. We offer patience and understanding, taking the time to listen to you and your unique needs. We provide suggestions and guidance so you can make the best decisions in honoring the one you have lost. No matter what the manner of service, we are here to help you plan a reverent and respectful tribute.

Alan Wolfelt, a renowned expert in the study of grief and mourning writes,

The funeral is a ritual of ending
but it marks the beginning
of the healing process.

We are truly honored to help you begin your healing process, offering the professionalism, integrity and compassion so needed at this time.

We will also provide you with valuable resources, developed through generations of helping others, resources to help you understand your entitled benefits and to help you through the grieving process as you journey through the days, weeks and months after your loss.

We are very proud of the reputation we have built over 60 years. As you learn more about our family-owned and operated funeral home, we believe you will come to know with confidence that you have made the right choice in asking us to care for the one you love.


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